Aquarius style report

Ali Hanson

Each month, Style will be reporting on each horoscope and what that particular horoscope says about fashion and beauty. The first horoscope that begins in the calendar year is Aquarius, Jan. 20 to Feb. 18.

An Aquarius woman is unpredictable and won’t follow every trend or fashion rule. She is noticed at parties and holds herself to a high standard. With her original taste, she’s constantly mixing new pieces together for a unique style.

Aquarius women are encouraged to embrace their individuality and not conform to the crowd.

Some ideas for the Aquarius woman to make her own include:

– Mix a shaggy fur jacket with a striped shirt.

– Wear a cheetah coat over a leather jacket.

– Don’t be afraid to buy things you’ve been eyeing, like one of those bralettes you’ve been stalking. Wear it under a sheer sweater for an edgy look. 

Hair hues:

Women with medium brown hair could try adding a rose gold tint.

Blondes could try going through the process of turning hair bleach white, a step past platinum.