Celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends

Rachel Geronimo

As the most romantic day of the year approaches, one may not have big plans. Celebrate the holiday surrounded by the people you care about. 

Makeup makeover: 

Playing with makeup is a great way to interact with friends and to learn the new trends that are currently happening in the fashion industry. Smokey eyes, dark lips and bold eyebrows are current trends. Try out some of these different makeup looks and techniques for a fun night of makeovers.

Nail art challenge:

One can never go wrong while painting nails with their friends. Bright colors and geometric shapes are trending in nail fashion, so try incorporating these stylish prints in a fun nail art challenge.

Dress up and go out to eat:

Play the part and dress up. Valentine’s Day is a day full of red and pink tones as well as fun sparkles and smooth mattes. Incorporate these components in one’s Valentine’s Day look. Don’t be afraid to layer up accessories in an outfit. After the perfect wardrobe is complete, choose a restaurant you and your friends are all able to enjoy. A Valentine dinner always tastes better with good company.

Have a bake off:

As silly as this sounds, having a bake off is a fun way to interact with friends. Show off your artistry side by baking pastries that are Valentine’s themed. For an added challenge, find unique and stylish ways to create that perfect pastry look. Then at the end, decide whose baked good is the best to win bragging rights. 

Watch a movie:

Holding a movie night is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with friends. Add a Valentine theme to the night by providing some homemade refreshments and snacks. Consider making chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered popcorn to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings.

Game Night:

Save the buck. Instead of buying a board game, make one. Create a fun and loving way to challenge your friends and yourself on Valentine’s Day. Put a spin on truth or dare by including challenges that are Valentine’s Day themed.

Community service:

Spread the Valentine’s Day love by volunteering at a community group home or at the animal shelter with some friends. This is a great way of showing love to some that need the help the most.