Males opinions on female style

Ali Hanson and Erin Dungan

Style writers Ali Hanson and Erin Dungan interviewed a variety of male students at Iowa State to get their opinions on different styles that women wear. Here’s what they had to say.


Addison: “If it’s red lipstick, it’s a huge turn off. I just don’t like lipstick in general.”

Sam: “Nothing too crazy. I think red’s fine. I don’t really like super dark, like brown.”

Luke: “When I see a girl wearing dark I think she’s going for mysterious and the lighter it gets, the happier she is.”

High-waisted bottoms

Ben: “I disapprove … high-waisted jeans or jean shorts … just no.”

Jacob: “I don’t have much opinion. Yeah, not a big fan of high-waisted jeans.”

Alec: “I think high-waisted jeans are better than shorts”

High-top converse

Addison: “I don’t like ‘em” 

Jacob: “I don’t mind it. It could be alright. They can be pulled off”

Alec: “Yeah I like them. I like when girls wear sneakers like that.”


Ben: “I like leggings.”

Alec: “Leggings are leggings. Leggings are fine cause every guy appreciates a girl in leggings.”

Sam: “I mean all guys like leggings.”


Addison: “Overalls?”

Jacob: “Yeah tailgating you can wear whatever but If you’re wearing overalls to class, we got some problems.”

Alec: “No, I do not like overalls. It reminds me of little kids in kindergarten.”

Luke: “At tailgates that seems pretty cool. It would throw me off if she got dressed up in overalls unless it became a thing and then I would have to deal with it.”


Alec: “I like to feel the fur. I just go up and rub it. I wonder, ‘How soft does that feel?’”

Sam: “Depends on the occasion. I mean I don’t mind it. I don’t want to see a girl in a bear suit or anything.”

Luke: “I’m not gonna lie, fur is not my biggest thing. If a girl is wearing it, I always have to give them s–t. Fur seems kinda over the top.”


Alec: “I feel like you could wear something else and it would look a lot better.”

Luke: “Isn’t that the sorority thing? I’d get myself a pair if it was acceptable.”

Ugg boots

Alec: “Well sparkly or ones with buttons aren’t good. They’re loud and they don’t look good on anyone and it just makes you question why they would buy them.”

Luke: “I don’t know but like I feel like those were cool cause I have a pair of Ugg shoes but now they’re not and it hurts when people diss on them.”

What is your ideal outfit to see a girl in?

Addison: “Yoga pants.”

Ben: “Sundresses are usually pretty hot”

Jacob: “I don’t really know … jeans and a T-shirt?”

Alec: “Well for going out, those booties, dark jeans, like black, a nice shirt, some bracelets or a necklace. And when girls are casual, leggings, long socks, birkenstocks and a big sweatshirt or flannel.”

Sam: “I agree with Alec.”

Luke: “Just jeans and a shirt, as long as a girl feels confident and it’s something way out there and she’s not taking s–t, then it’s all good in the hood.”

Special thanks to Addison Bennett, junior in communiation studies, Ben Goaley, junior in management information systems, Jacob Bonnstetter, junior in agronomy, Alec Grodnitzky, sophomore in advertising, Sam Peterson, sophomore in agricultural business and Luke Jorgensen, sophomore in finance.