Keeping up with resolutions


Courtesy of Powerful Nutrition

Anna Nygren, a junior in Kinesiology, holds money that can be won from the Power Full Nutrition eight-week challenge.

Rachel Geronimo

The third week of the new year has ended and it may be hard to keep up and stay strong with each resolution. Here are different motivational routines to help stick with the new goals:


For every workout that has been accomplished, put a dollar in a jar. Set a reasonable goal amount, like 100 dollars. Once that goal has been met, use the cash as a way to treat yourself.


Keep a water bottle around. Take a sip of water for every hour that passes. By doing this, you are able to stay hydrated throughout a long day of work.


By using this method, you are able to see what you eat during the day. This can help you understand what you are putting into your body and prevent unnecessary snacking.


This is a huge challenge for those who want to stay healthy with their eating habits. Treat your body by staying consistent with nutritional meals throughout the week and then rewarding with a small cheat meal every so often.


Use an alarm or a Post-It note to remind yourself to eat a small meal every two hours. This routine will help you stay consist with meals, stay full throughout the day and keep your metabolism up.


Stay away from junk food by putting five dollars in a jar for each time you eat unhealthy foods. This visual tells the mind to stay aware of wasting money and helps you to stay consistent with healthy eating resolutions.


Consider making a jar full of workout quotes. Every morning before the day is started, draw a quote from the jar and read it out loud to help get excited for the day’s workout. This routine will help you stay motivated.