Faux fur trends are all over the runway, bring them to campus

Erin Dungan

It’s been seen all over the runways and the streets. Whether it be white, black, pink, printed, or leopard, faux fur is hot this season. Named one of the biggest winter trends of 2014 by many publications, faux fur is expected to remain trendy throughout the new year.  Long gone are the days when wearing fur involved controversies of sacrificing animals and bank accounts.  Not only is this trend cozy and stylish it is also guilt-free and comes with an affordable price tag. 

As much as people love faux fur coats, it doesn’t stop there. Faux fur is also seen on smaller accessories.  From fuzzy vests to poufy purses, plush hats to lavish collars, faux fur can instantly give an outfit a playful edge.  Faux fur can also be found on gloves, scarves, boots, earmuffs and capes.  Any way to incorporate a hint of faux fur into an outfit is a step, many say, is a step in the right direction. 

Try ditching the black puffer coat or practical wool in exchange for a fun, faux fur look on sunny, winter days.  If this style isn’t for you, consider incorporating faux fur in more subtle ways like a pair of gloves. 

A lot should be considered when buying a faux fur coat. Start with the length.  These coats are seen in various cuts and styles.  They can be found in a cropped, fitted style or full-length.  Deciding on a specific length is a personal preference, but consider the occasion when purchasing the coat. The next step is determining a color or pattern.  The more neutral a color, the more versatile it is. If bold is a word that describes your personal wardrobe, try a bright color or fun print. 

Styling the faux fur is often the most challenging part. Something to consider is that faux fur can easily be dressed up or down. Depending what it’s paired with, a faux fur coat can be worn for an important meeting, cocktail dinner or day of classes. Whether it be trousers and flats, leather leggings and heels, or skinny jeans and ankle boots, a fur coat can complete each look perfectly. 

Faux fur is likely a trend that the everyday male strays from, but it was hugely popular on runways throughout 2014.  Although most faux fur garments seen on the runways won’t be worn by men other than Kanye West, there are more realistic alternatives for the average male. Designers like Fendi had collections revolving around faux fur, both extravagant and subtle. Leather gloves with fur accents and baseball caps with fur bills were among the more subtle designs. 

Fur will forever remain a contentious trend that repeatedly moves on and off the runways. Although for some it may not be the most practical, every day piece to a wardrobe, it does add a luxurious statement to an evening outfit or formal wear for all.