Don’t be afraid to wear NYE garments again

Miranda Pollitt

Many buy a new outfit for New Year’s Eve. However, most often the outfit is worn once, only to hang in the closet for the remainder of the year. It’s time to take out the sequin tops, fur vests and sparkly jewelry to wear in your everyday outfits. Here are a few ways to transition your New Year’s Eve pieces into a day-to-day look.

A lot of people decide to purchase a fun, sparkly blouse for New Year’s Eve. These are great pieces to wear every day. To transition a sequin top, simply pair it with things that are comfortable and casual. One look to try out would be pairing the sequin top with an oversize fuzzy cardigan, leggings and ankle booties. To accessorize the look put on a simple pair of stud earrings and a dark lipstick. This look allows re-use of a holiday blouse in a more casual way.

Sometimes bold jewelry is only for special occasions. But wearing a statement necklace or a sparkly earring is a great way to spice up a simple outfit. Pair your statement jewelry piece with a simple v-neck t-shirt layered with a denim button-down, colored pants and tall boots for a laid-back look. By layering a denim shirt over a tee, one can create a warm and simple look.

Finding new ways to wear a formal dress can be difficult. To dress down one’s New Year’s Eve dress, add a pair of sweater tights, short boots and a large scarf or sweater. By adding warm accessories, one can not only stay warm in the harsh weather, but also have a cozy look for any day of the week.