Combat static during winter months

Chilly and dry weather is common during Iowa’s winter months for both men and women. Prevent this inevitable annoyance by attacking frizz before leaving for class. If static attacks on campus, rub a small amount of hand lotion between your palms and gently run your fingers through your hair.

Brittany Moon

As winter comes closer and the weather changes drastically, static is more present than ever. Ways to combat static in the winter chill have been discovered over the years. Here are a few ways to battle static electricity that many face on a day-to-day basis. 

One concept to prevent this inevitable annoyance is to start combating the static before anything is close to your body. In the dryer, run the clothing item through on the fluff setting along with a small ball of tin foil. The aluminum foil cuts the static and can be used for multiple dry cycles. 

Another simple option that has been a go-to for many is using the Static Guard aerosol spray on clothing before wearing it. This tip may be basic knowledge, but it has worked for generations. 

A third option, one that is very inexpensive and effective, is to take a dryer sheet just before leaving the house and rub it on all clothing and along the ends of hair. When putting on garments, especially winter hats, hair can become full of static. Using a dryer sheet on the ends of hair works for both women and men. 

One can also try tying a dryer sheet around a hairbrush, poking the bristles through and brushing hair to reduce static. 

An option that is good on-the-go is using lotion, which combats two problems in one. After rubbing lotion on your hands to battle dry skin from the winter chill, run your fingers gently through the hair, and brush the hair directly afterward. Because the majority of lotions are cream-based, this takes away most of the static electricity.

One wallet-friendly option is to pick up a low-hold hair spray and, while the hair is still damp from the shower, spray a bit on a brush and brush it through. Another possibility would be to purchase a frizz-control spray. Even if hair is not particularly frizzy, the mixture of ingredients works in a similar fashion with static as it does for frizz.

One final option that doesn’t have anything to do with hair-related products is to purchase a humidifier. Because these devices are used for keeping the atmosphere in a room moist, it would also help in the case of static in hair. This is a more expensive option than the ones listed above, but it could be an added attack on static while getting ready for the day.