Holiday accessories create holiday cheer

Emma Kuntz

As the winter season rolls around, nothing says holiday cheer more than festive accessories. There are many ways one can express themself through holiday accessories. Some students like to go all out and wear snowman socks and snowflake earrings. Others like to take a casual approach with more traditional items like fur scarves and gold jewelry.

“During the holiday season, my favorite way to accessorize is with glitter or sequins,” said Rio Maxwell, senior in management. “A holiday event like a New Year’s Eve party gives me an excuse to sparkle and shine with a glitter Kate Spade purse, a big diamond bracelet, necklace or studded black booties. Any accessory that has some sparkle is great for the holiday season.”

You can play up your holiday spirit however you choose. If you’re on the more conservative side, try items like winter-inspired earrings, infinity scarves or riding boots.

“I love wearing cardigans and scarves. Any sort of infinity scarf is my favorite thing to just throw on to spice up my winter wardrobe,” said Courtney Dewell, senior in accounting.

Dewell said she’s not the type of person to wear jingle bell earrings or accessories, but she loves when other people do it. 

“I think it really gets them in the spirit of things, especially for specific events,” Dewell said.

Even if you’re not attending an event, there are other ways to incorporate festive accessories without drawing too much attention. For example, socks are a great way get in the spirit but still are private enough so that only you know they’re there.

“When it comes to holiday socks, I wear them from November 1 through December 25,” Maxwell said. “I have everything from snowman socks to Santa socks to polar bear socks.”

Holiday accessories are not just something for women; there are ways men can join in the spirit as well.

“As for men, I think crazy ties are totally awesome,” Dewell said. “They are fun and festive and something simple that can spice up an otherwise traditional button-up and slacks.”

Festive ties are a creative way for guys to add some flavor and humor to their outfit. It’s one more way to show your personality through the items you chose to wear, and it’s a conversation starter at a family event.

“If my boyfriend were to wear a crazy tie to my family Christmas, I think that would be hilarious and awesome,” Dewell said. “More power to the ugly sweaters and crazy tie wearers out there.”

Festive accessories are a great way for any guy or gal to spread the spirit of the holiday season. The best part is, you can do as little or as much as you like. With all of the possibilities, it’s difficult not to get involved.

“The holidays only come once a year,” Maxwell said. “If someone wants to express their holiday cheer through their wardrobe, then that’s great.”