Travel Packing Guide

Rachel Geronimo

It’s been a long semester filled with projects, tests and homework. The time has finally come and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Packing for a week at home can be stressful, but setting aside time to make a list of what is needed can melt away the stress of traveling.

What to bring:

Before loading everything into a suitcase, think about what’s necessary and what’s not.

Many students are able to bring home and wash dirty laundry when at home, so pack less than usual. You’ll be able to wear those clothes at home once they’re clean. 

Erica Coulter, sophomore in family and consumer science education, shared her clever ways to pack before heading home.

“I take a pair of jeans, sweaters and a pair of shoes,” Coulter said. “Everything I have is at home already.”

Coulter shared that she has multiple outfits back home waiting for her, so packing less is actually cost-effective.

Clothes are meant to be versatile, so simplify on what to bring. Try to mix and match apparel to create a different look each day.

How to pack:

Now that everything is laid out, it’s time to load up. Get creative and find ways to fit everything accordingly.

Consider packing by sections. Apparel on one side, products on the other. Remember to take advantage of space by fitting items in small or large pockets. Keep in mind that clothes worn on the trip home is an outfit that can be washed and worn again while at home. 

Pack clothing vertically rather than horizontally. This allows space to be utilized and allows for more things to be brought home. 

Personal essential:

With only a week at home, one doesn’t need to bring much to lug around. Many personal products can be found at home, such as toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. Other products that may be found at home include straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers, so check with a loved one before loading up. 

The products that are not easily found are the items that are appropriate to bring.

Light Carry On:

Depending on how far the trip is, it’s also nice to bring a small, simple bag for the ride.

Consider taking a light snack to munch on during the trip and a small water bottle. One may also choose to bring a few makeup products to touch up on the way back home.

Remember to always first make a list of essential items and then pack extras as space allows.