Black Friday survival guide

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Pack a purse with essentials like water, hand sanitizer and tissues just in case. 

Style Staff

Purse essentials

The largest shopping day is coming up, and here are a few tips to prepare individuals for those intense deals. Having a hard time deciding what’s appropriate to bring for a shopping voyage? Here are the ten essentials individuals should consider bringing on their Black Friday adventure.

Shopping list: Come prepared by bringing a list of must-have items to be purchased. Checking off items on a list is a healthy way for individuals to keep track of spending habits. 

Charger: Shopping can last all day, but cell phones cannot. Make sure to pack an extra battery, portable charger or even a plug-in charger to extend the battery life on a phone.

Water bottle: It’s important to keep you body hydrated, especially on a busy day. Make sure to keep water close. Drink water every 30 minutes to stay energized and continue shopping.

Light snack: On this crazy day, it’s hard to find time for food. Pack a snack for your shopping travels. It’s an easy way for individuals to keep moving on schedule.

Hand sanitizer: Black Friday means large crowds. Be mindful that multiple people are out touching various products and the likelihood of getting sick is high. Pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use every so often to keep germs away.

Blotting sheet: Wearing makeup the entire day can build excess oils, dirt and other residue on the face. Prevent fading makeup, aging and future breakouts by packing some blotting sheets to freshen up.

Chapstick: Just as much as bodies need to stay hydrated, lips are in need of hydration too. Be sure to set aside some chapstick to reapply for a long day full of moisturized lips.

Perfume or cologne: Shopping on the busiest day of the year can be sweaty, so freshen the body by spritzing on your choice of fragrance. Consider bringing a travel-size bottle of fragrance to easily be kept in a bag.

Bandages: It’s never a bad idea to carry a first-aid kit. A small emergency can happen, so treat those shopping scratches by packing a couple of bandages.

Tissues: The temperature outside is starting to drop. Individuals may notice that when entering a warm building, their nose will start running. Prepare by stowing away a pack of tissues. 

Market Day Black Friday

For the fifth time, Des Moines will be putting on the annual Market Day Black Friday Sale. The event is a pop-up market shop where independent vendors are able to sell their goods in a communal setting.

The Market Day Black Friday Sale will be at Kirkwood Hotel and Gramercy Tap, 400 Walnut St. in downtown Des Moines. Doors open at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.

The later start time allows families to celebrate together without rushing off to get in line for Black Friday deals. The event caters to those who prefer a less rambunctious shopping experience. 

With over 70 local vendors, the merchandise ranges from handmade to vintage goods. Shoppers are supporting local business growth because all of the featured merchants are local businesses not corporate chains.

What to wear on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and is all about prepping for the holiday season. One of the best ways to be ready for this midnight rush of deals and steals is to wear the proper attire. Wear things that will ultimately optimize your shopping abilities.

First, it might be a little chilly outside, but it will be hot inside. Wear a light jacket or vest that won’t be bulky or a hassle to carry around once inside a store.

Secondly, it is best to wear clothing that is easy to quickly change in and out of when trying something on spur-of-the-moment. Try sporting leggings with bold colors and a cute print with a basic V-neck tee. This keeps it simple and trendy. 

Third is shoes. This is most important because your feet take most of the abuse during the long hours of speed-shopping. The best way to conquer this battle is to wear a cute pair of tennis shoes like Converse or Nike. However, make sure you’ve worn them before and that they’re broken in because the last thing you want to worry about is blisters when playing tug-of-war for the last cable-knit sweater.

One of the best ways to get through the night is to be comfortable in what you’re wearing, but remember there are always ways to incorporate chic touches without having to sacrifice comfort.

Best shops for the best deals

Many have shopped on Black Friday for years, while others may conquer the crowds for the first time. No matter where an individual falls on the Black Friday spectrum, there are a few stores to add to the list of those having the best bang for your buck.

Depending on the type of apparel that are being sought, there are various stores to keep an eye on.

Best for basics

As far as basics go on Black Friday, Old Navy has the best. From tees to simple skinny jeans to super soft sweaters, they can all be found for a low price on Black Friday. 

Best shoe shop

For good shoe deals on Black Friday, shop JCPenney. This store carries quality brands and has good deals on many pricey pairs on Black Friday.

Best gift with purchase, where you must spend a certain amount

Victoria’s Secret gets the top spot for best gift with purchase. Each year, the store gives a Black Friday tote that is included with each purchase made that surpasses a certain price point, such as $75. They are always large and quite fashionable. 

Best holiday party outfit

The best store to stop at for a well-priced, fashionable holiday party outfit would definitely be Kohl’s. With a variety of brands from Vera Wang to LC by Lauren Conrad, there’s something for everyone.

Best bags

The best store to pop by for a well-priced purse or bag of any sort would be Younkers. Younkers has many different styles of bags, including different colors and fabrics from a shiny pleather to soft corduroy.

Horror stories

Many shoppers associate Black Friday with crowds, great deals and a fun annual shopping experience with family and friends.  Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday isn’t always full of fun. Many sales associates experience encounters with customers that are unforgettable. 

Emina Kovacevic, junior in English, has worked at Target for three years. Kovacevic is a sales team member and assists with restocking, working the register and folding clothing. Among the numerous customers Kovacevic helped during last year’s Black Friday, one was more memorable than the rest.

“I was working the guest service counter. On Black Friday we have a strict return policy on electronics. A man came in and wanted to return an iPad that he had purchased earlier in the day. I’m guessing he found a better deal at another store or something. He started getting angry with me and my other coworkers because we wouldn’t allow him to return it then. We called over a manager to further explain the policy. We then brought over a supervisor to discuss this with the man,” Kovacevic said. “He was demanding we write down all of our names and the Target Corporation phone number so he could report us to headquarters. Even while we were writing down our names he was yelling at us that he couldn’t read it and that we needed to write bigger. It’s corporate’s policy so complaining to them about us not cooperating is useless. He was just really rude.” 

As customers on Black Friday, is is always important to remember that our shopping experience is made possible by those working behind the counter. Black Friday is an enjoyable time for all, and being mindful of others will lead to a positive experience for both the customer and the employees.