Self Confidence

Emily Engh

Having self-confidence is important, especially as a college student.

Some people are just born naturally confident, while others may have insecurities. Having low self-esteem can greatly impact how someone looks at himself or herself. 

For starters, take a look at what things you want to improve in your daily life. Setting a list of goals based on what you want to improve on can really help. Tape the list up somewhere you will see everyday. This will make you feel motivated and will remind you to keep working towards your goals.

“I try to look my best everyday because I don’t feel as good when I look like I just rolled out of bed”, said Macinzie McFarland, senior in advertising, when asked what she does to have self-confidence.

It’s important to remember that whatever the goal may be, you have to keep working toward it if you want to see any progress. Certain goals are more attainable than others, which is why you should set reasonable goals for yourself. Having a low self-esteem can really weigh someone down. That is why it’s also important to remember that nobody’s perfect, and that you don’t need to look or be like someone that seems to fall under the definition of “flawless”.

Everyone deals with his or her own insecurities. When someone feels as if they are really struggling with these, there is always help that they can seek out. Whether it is through counseling services or through support from family or friends, everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Whether it is through physical improvement, like a new workout schedule, or something as simple as dealing with being shy, anyone can take steps on the road to self-improvement.

“Self-esteem is an important part of a positive self-image. Positive self-image promotes resilience and overall mental and physical well-being. It allows people to feel more comfortable with themselves which may allow them to be more comfortable in social situations, academic settings and many other areas of their lives as they may be more likely to advocate for their needs,” said Dr. Tiffany Iskander, outreach coordinator and staff psychologist for student counseling services.

Feeling good about yourself is the first thing when it comes to one’s own happiness. Having self-confidence will take you far in life and will make you feel better about who you are as a person.