Style in the stands: Suggestions on game day attire

Wearing a plaid button-up shirt can be both stylish and practical as it can help keep you warm and be unbuttoned in order to show off an ISU T-shirt.

Nicki Devilbiss

Laurie Anderson’s yellow necklace and matching earrings grab customers attention as they step into her shop, Lyla’s boutique, on the Friday before an Iowa State football game. The cardinal Iowa State logo positioned in the center of some pieces in the shop, custom-designed by Jodi Hamilton, owner of The Diva Inside, gleams with a sense of unity and pride.

Oct. 11 marks Iowa State’s Homecoming football game against the University of Toledo. Thousands of fans will crowd the stadium, cheering on the Cyclones. Showing Iowa State pride through clothing, local shop owners said, is a way for fans to support the football team and small, local businesses.

Anderson pointed out a red and yellow chevron dress for sale at Lyla’s. She recommended pairing the dress with cowboy boots. Cowboy boots paired with a cardinal bodycon skirt and a bandeau is an “adorable” game day look, Anderson said.

Karli Sandos, senior in integrated studio arts, said she enjoys dressing up for games. She said she pairs an Iowa State T-shirt, tank top or long-sleeve shirt with stylish items including high-waist shorts, jeans or a colored oxford skirt.

“There are a million ways to dress up a T-shirt and be comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed,” Sandos said.

Christina Creel, sophomore in apparel, merchandising and design, adds flair to a T-shirt with a skater skirt and high-top sneakers. She recommended seeking function, rather than fashion in footwear. She said an old pair of sneakers are her go-to.

“Girls who trudge around tailgates all day in uncomfortable sandals pay for it in the end,” Creel said.

Talia Jensen, owner of Portobello Road in Ames, suggested pairing distressed boyfriend jeans with a vintage Iowa State T-shirt, to accomplish a more casual look.

To stand out, Jensen recommended incorporating plaid, flannel, camouflage and leather garments into a game day look. She said Portobello Road offers a plaid button-up shirt that can be left open or worn over an Iowa State T-shirt.

“Personally, I always try to add a unique aspect or two to my game day look with a fun print or pattern, like plaid or camo,” Jensen said.

Jensen said fans can also pair unique bottoms with pieces they already have. She suggested joggers and distressed boyfriend jeans.

“Students are always looking for ways to make their game day apparel unique and to stand out in the crowd of thousands of fans,” Jensen said.

While students might consider individuality while selecting game day attire, Kinsey Meyer, owner of Miss Meyer’s Clothing Consignment in Ames, said practicality and convenience are important to consider for colder games.

Meyer recommended a coat for sale at Miss Meyer’s. She said the coat is packable and ideal for throwing into a bag along with gloves and a hat.

Katherine Kerns, an employee at Miss Meyer’s, pointed out a red leather bag for sale at the shop. She said the bag is perfect for storing a down coat, a cell phone and other essentials.

Abiding by fashion rules set by harsh Iowa weather does not require abandoning fashion entirely. Fans can stay current while staying warm, as Jensen mentioned.

“As 1990s grunge has come back in style, students can easily tie a flannel around their waist or a favorite hoodie,” Jensen said. “This way, if it starts to get chilly, they are prepared and they can look fashionable at the same time.”

Game day attire can be an easy way to represent the pride fans feel for the Cyclones.

“I wear cardinal and gold to the games, because no matter how badly our team is losing, I am proud to stand for what our university stands for,” Creel said.

Sporting Cyclone colors can also create unity between fans.

“Wearing cardinal and gold on game day is a fun way to show your love for our great university,” Sandos said. “It immediately creates a sense of camaraderie between you and at least 29,000 other Cyclones.”