Get creative with a group this halloween

Ali Hanson

With Halloween weekend coming up fast, costume cramming is now in full force. Here are some ideas for you and your gals if you’ve all been too busy studying to decide on your Halloween costume.

For pairs…

A star and the moon

Mary-Kate Olsen made this look popular a few years ago. She and a friend had thin, stretchy headbands across their foreheads. Mary-Kate attached a large crescent moon while her friend attached a star to the side of her headband. For the outfit, they wore a collection of random fabric that had no order or clarity, but came out looking amazingly chic!

To make it your own, the moon can wear different shades of blues and silvers. The star can wear a combination of yellows and golds. Feel free to actually create strips of fabric or just wear shirts or dresses in coordinating colors!


Clueless is considered one of the most iconic fashion movies ever.

If there’s a little preparation time, searching local thrift stores for plaid skirt sets is ideal. Remember, Cher’s is yellow and Dionne’s is navy with a red sweater.

If another friend wants to join in, Dionne’s outfit can stay the same, but swap Cher’s for a red body con dress with a white feather boa and add Tai. The girl dressed as Tai will need a red and grey plaid sweater with a black skirt.

For groups neither big nor small…

The four seasons plus Mother Nature

These outfits require a simple visit to any local craft store for a group of four or five.

One can be the season of spring and cut differently proportioned raindrops from blue squares of foam.

Summer can go wild with the “flower child” craze. Craft stores sell a wide variety of flowers in many different sizes. Invest in flowers that reflect your style and pin to any outfit and place a few in your hair.

The third person in your group might buy a vine of leaves and wrap it around their body to represent fall. Dressing in the colors of autumn like deep reds, orange and gold will also enhance the look.

Lastly, winter can be represented by wearing enlarged, glitter snowflakes from the store. Be sure to dress in white, silver or any shade of blue to represent the snowy season!

Don’t forget about the character many deem most important: Mother Nature. While this one isn’t represented by one particular season, she is depicted as wearing a green leaf crown with flowers intermixed and an outfit that is primarily made of vines and ivy.

Another great twist on the four seasons is to craft tutu’s made from tulle and hang different decorations from the tutu’s such as raindrops, flowers, leaves and snowflakes!

For the continually growing circle…

If a large group of women are cramming for outfits and more seem to be joining in, pick a theme that doesn’t require a set number or have limited characters to choose from.

Orange is the New Black

The group can all buy orange jumpsuits and mimic the jail-ridden rebels from the popular Netflix show. Simply wear a white tee underneath with tennis shoes.

American Horror Story

Be inspired by both current and previous American Horror Story seasons, highlighting costumes like circus/freak show performers and witches. There is a wide variety to choose from in the circus/freak show family of costumes for both men and women like a fortune-teller, a bearded lady and the world’s strongest man.