Sledding Your Pants Off

Scott Strehlow

Snow in Iowa is a given. It can snow 1 inch or twelve, in December or May, and basically cover Ames in a white blanket of fluff. While some can’t stand trudging through it everyday, we must look at the bright sides to it. One of the best? Sledding of course!

Sledding is a fun and easy activity you can do with friends, family and loved ones that won’t make you break the bank to do it. Sleds and inner tubes can be purchased for as little as 10 dollars, and even the cheapest of items can still go a long way. The real trick is knowing the right time and place to plan for.

Ames may not be the mountain town you pine for during the holidays, but it still has spots worthy of attention. First and foremost is the most impressive hill known to Ames Sledders found at Gateway Hills Park. Just South of Campus and close to the Hockey Arena, Gateway offers a vast amount of space to put your best boot forward. This popular spot also boasts a kind, friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking to make some new friends, this can be the perfect carefree place.

Other Ames destinations can make for a winter wonderland as well. Cemetery Hill, located east of the cemetery on 13th street works as a more mellow surrounding with slower slopes and less debri. And don’t forget about the North face of the Knoll hill which boasts carved out paths and fellow ISU students.

Recommended Equipment:

Mattress Pad

Yoga Matt

Saucer Board


Lunch Trays

Inner Tubes

Remember to wear warm gear and mindful of trees and sidewalks. But most importantly, get out there and have FUN!