Gift baskets make cheap and thoughtful gifts

Korrie Bysted

As students trying to pay our way through college, which we all know isn’t cheap, it might be hard to find the right gifts for our loved ones that fall into our budgets.

How about putting together a gift basket? It’s thoughtful and can be cheap. Here are some ideas for five different baskets and directions on how to make them. The item recommended using as the basket will say “use as basket” next to it or something similar to that.

The rest of the items you can put inside the basket and place them in an organized  manner.

The best way to make a basket is to keep in mind who you are making the basket for. So, go ahead and use these ideas, but don’t hesitate to personalize them as much as you’d like.

Cozy/Comfort Basket

This basket is great for a mom or grandma or anyone who needs to remember to pamper themselves.


Fuzzy Socks


Cookie Mix


Cookie Bin — Use as the basket

Approximate cost: $21

Dog Lover’s Basket

Maybe you know someone who just recently got a dog or loves their current dog. This gift is great for every dog lover out there. This basket can be personalized for a cat lover or any other pet owner.

Dog Toys

Dog Collar

Drinking Bowl

Tennis Balls

Fleece Doggy Blanket

Basket of your choosing

Approximate cost: $12

Tailgating/ Sports Basket

This gift basket is perfect for every football lover or Cyclone fan. This gift basket can easily be personalized for any favorite sports team.

ISU Sweatshirt

ISU Tumbler or Water Bottle


Face Stickers



Cooler*— use as basket

Approximate cost $40

*For an even less expensive option, purchase a one-use styrofoam cooler

Traveler’s Basket

Does your father travel for work a lot? Is your sister obsessed with visiting new places? This gift basket is perfect for any travel lover, whether they travel for business or for play.

Light Weight Messenger/Laptop Bag — use as basket

Travel Size Toiletries

Hand Sanitizer

Travel Pillow

Luggage tags

Optional items — these items will make the basket more expensive:

Safety Pouch

Travel Outlet Converter

Language Dictionary

Approximate cost: $25

Workout/ Fitness Basket

This basket will be a great gift for your friend who loves to stay fit, especially over the holidays when we’re away from our regular gyms and surrounded by delicious junk food. This gift will keep even the workout-phobe in the swing of things.


Yoga Mat

Granola Bars (or any other healthy snack)

Reusable Water Bottle

Workout Videos

Small to Medium Size Duffle Bag — use as basket

Approximate cost $40

*all item prices are based off of prices from Target and Wal-Mart