Fitness Challenge : Sarah Clark Week #6

Sarah Clark

Week #6:

Hip-hip-horray! Tuesday marked my official clearing day for being able to resume my workout activities.

An extremely annoying foot injury has kept me out of commision for the last two weeks and I am finally cleared to get back out there and kick some butt!

It feels so good to finally be able to go to the gym again! I wish I didn’t have to worry about my foot though, because although I can workout again, I have to be careful with my foot and won’t be able to run as much as I was before. This really has put a damper in my plans because running was basically my entire workout!

Directly after I got cleared on Tuesday, I went to the gym. HOLY SOAR! Whoo! I didn’t know two weeks could do so much damage! Not to mention the fact that we will be leaving for the Big 12 Tournament for Dance Team this coming Tuesday so Dance Team practices have been rather intense. Talk about loss of stamina!

I’m doing my best to keep up and try to work up my endurance before we leave. Hopefully I can tough it out and help cheer on our Cyclones to a Big 12 Victory!

Any advice on dealing with injuries you fellow fitness challengers out there?

Next week, I’ll be in Kansas City cheering on our Cyclones!